Conveyancing, Properties and Real Estate Law

The development of the new land laws after the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, has opened up new challenges on land issues in Kenya. However, dishonesty in land transactions by unscrupulous land barons and cartels has led to great losses to institutions and private citizens in our country. Prior to any commercial transaction, we do thorough investigations and due diligence to ensure that the transaction is genuine.  We render the following services here;

  1. Conducting searches and title investigations before any land transaction.
  2. Preparation of sale agreements and conveyance instruments of all kind.
  3. Registration of conveyancing instruments.
  4. Preparation of loan and security documentations.
  5. Advice on all aspects of banking and insurance legislations.
  6. Advice on international development projects and rescheduling of debts.
  7. Recoveries and repossessions and public auctions.
  8. Preparation of contracts and other financing documentations.
  9. Preparation of Charges
  10. Debt Collections and Renegotiation

Execution, stamping &witnessing of documents