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Experience .Reliability .Ethics

The firm’s experience, expertise and constant solution to legal problems in different fields and dimensions of life, puts it in the leading position among all law firms in providing sound, right and proper legal advice and/or opinions to its clients

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The firm has established the following principles necessary to ensure success for our clients;

  1. Initiating effective and speedy mechanisms in dealing with temporary applications and other reliefs for our clients. These applications include injunctions, stay of execution, interlocutory judgments, summary judgments, judicial review, constitutional disputes and appeals.
  2. Creating good working relationships with relevant agencies, judicial officers, court registry staff, and professional colleagues.
  3. Ensuring fast and speedy trials.
  4. Thorough preparation of cases before hearings.
  5. Always keeping clients posted with development in their cases.
  6. Holding conferences in advance to prepare clients for trial.
  7. Confirmation to clients whether or not a matter is listed prior to the hearing date to save time and money.

Why Choose Ojijo Senaji Advocates

We have modelled our processes to combine the experience, knowledge and prowess of our distinguished practitioners to cater to your most complex legal needs.

We have best Legal Team

Our firm comprises of professional accredited and chartered mediators with over 45 years of experience combined in alternative dispute resolution as a means of settling disputes among government, counties corporates and individuals.

Best Case Strategy

The firm has handled some of the most complex and high profiled arbitration and mediation in Africa. Our purpose is to maintain relationships, save time and money and to expeditiously solve a problem.

Global Knowledge

Our firm is well versed with legislations, practice and case law affecting this industry globally.

Areas of Practice


Our firm provides composite legal services and robust consultancy in the following fields of law and general practice.

Arbitration, Mediation & other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism  

Our firm comprises of professional accredited and chartered mediators wi...

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Aviation, Carriage by Sea, and Maritime Law

The development of aviation law in Kenya has led to tremendous growth in...

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Commercial, Trade & Business Law

Our firm has highly specialized practitioners in commercial, trade and b...

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Conveyancing, Properties and Real Estate Law

The development of the new land laws after the promulgation of the Const...

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Corporate Law

Various local legislation supported by common law principles and equity ...

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Environmental/Mining Law

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010, has made environmental protection and p...

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General Legal Consultancy

The firm of Ojijo Senaji comprises of 55 specialists in every field of l...

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) 

International demand and pressure to observe strict adherence to IPRs ha...

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The firm has established principles necessary to ensure success for our ...

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Tax , Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services

The law of insurance is now well developed in Kenya through legislation ...

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Feature Advocates

Our firm has highly specialized practitioners in commercial, trade and business law both inter and intra- countries with numerous of its clients ranging from corporates to advanced international business communities and bodies.

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Commissioners For Oaths & Notaries Public, Certified Public Secretaries & Patent Agents, Certified mediators & Chartered Arbitrators